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Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Staged Combustion and NOx Release Characteristics in Precalciner; 分解炉分级燃烧和 NOx 释放特性的数值模拟及优化
Authors: WANG Weishu, LIAO Yihan, LIU Jun* et al.
Institution:Thermal Engineering Research Centre, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Zhengzhou 450011, China
Keywords:TTF precalciner, staged combustion, NOx emission characteristics, optimization
Volume 28, Issue 5: 1024-1034, 2019 | PDF
Published: Sept. 5, 2019
Abstract: In order to study the combustion characteristics in a precalciner, the temperature and composition field in a typical Trinal-sprayed calciner were numerically analysed. The results obtained by simu...
Effects of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma on the Combustion Performances of Reverse-Flow Combustor in an Aero-Engine; DBD等离子体对某航空发动机回流型燃烧室燃烧性能的影响
Authors: DENG Jun1*, PENG Changxin2, HE Liming1 et al.
Institution:1. Science and Technology on Plasma Dynamics Laboratory, Air Force Engineering University, Xi’an 710038, China
Keywords:aero-engine, reverse-flow combustor, double dielectric barrier discharge, plasma assisted combustion
Volume 28, Issue 5: 1035-1041, 2019 | PDF
Published: Sept. 5, 2019
Abstract: In order to apply plasma assisted combustion (PAC) into a reverse-flow aero-engine and verify the improvement of combustion performance, a feasible approach was proposed in this work. In this appro...
Preheating Combustion Characteristics of Ultra-Low Volatile Carbon-Based Fuel; 基于循环流化床预热的超低挥发分碳基燃料燃烧试验研究
Authors: ZHU Shujun1,2,, LYU Qinggang1,2,*, ZHU Jianguo1,2,*, et al.
Institution:Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China
Keywords:preheating combustion, circulating fluidized bed, ultra-low volatile carbon-based fuel, air-staging, NOx emissions
Volume 28, Issue 4: 772-779, 2019 | PDF
Published: July 5, 2019
Abstract: Pulverized coal combustion technology with preheating solid fuel in a circulating fluidized bed was used for the combustion test of ultra-low volatile carbon-based fuel. This paper first validated ...
Numerical Investigation on Porous Media Quenching Behaviors of Premixed Deflagrating Flame using RANS/LES Model ; 利用RANS/LES模型对预混爆燃火焰在多孔介质中淬熄行为的数值研究
Authors: WEN Xiaoping1, 2*, SU Tengfei1, LIU Zhigang3 et al.
Institution:School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo 454003, China
Keywords:RANS/LES model, porous media, quenching, flame propagation
Volume 28, Issue 4: 780-788, 2019 | PDF
Published: July 5, 2019
Abstract: To understand the mechanism of premixed flame quenching by porous media, a zonal hybrid RANS/LES model was employed, in which the LES flow solver was used to resolve the large turbulent structures ...
Experimental Investigation for NOx Emission Reduction in Hydrogen Fueled Spark Ignition Engine Using Spark Timing Retardation, Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Water Injection Techniques
Authors: JEERAGAL Ramesh, K. A. Subramanian*
Institution:Engines and Unconventional Fuels Laboratory, Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi, New Delhi 110016, India
Keywords:hydrogen, spark ignition engine, spark timing, exhaust gas recirculation, NOx emission, water injection
Volume 28, Issue 4: 789-800, 2019 | PDF
Published: July 5, 2019
Abstract: The experimental tests were carried out on a single cylinder hydrogen fueled spark ignition (SI) generator set with different spark timings (4-20°CA bTDC), exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) up to 28%...